Full Hi-Definition Video

A lot can be said for having a video tour for your listing. Video tours add another dimension to the property that standard slideshows and fake videos cannot, they add life. In an actual high-definition, full motion video tour viewers can hear the birds singing and watch the trees sway in the breeze. Video tours can also invoke feelings and emotions in the viewer. Check out our blog post for more on this topic.

TRS Home Pic

Though the traditional YouTube video that features your still images with a little magic motion added is not a true video tour, we can produce one with background music that you can link to your social media. Our real video tours however, are shot with our DSLR camera and can be done on the same day we take listing photos.

One of the best parts about using a true life video for your tours is it can finally give you a chance to begin your acting career. Have you ever seen those shows on HGTV that have the perfect people guiding a tour through all these luxurious homes? Well now that pretty face can be yours! Guiding your own tour through one of your listings, even the not so luxurious ones, is a great way to show off the house but it’s also cheaper, easier and cheaper (yes, I did say “cheaper” twice) than you think.

Once you’ve decided to do a live, guided video tour for your all listings, you will also want to film a video introduction we can use on all your tours. You can also use your intro on all your websites and social media pages.

In addition, we can design, build and produce 3D animated logo for your tours, websites, and video resumes (can be used when you switch careers to acting).

Contact us today and see why a full motion high-definition video tour can help you sell more houses.