Understanding Real Estate: 101

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At some point in the recent past the authority in real estate knowledge began transitioning from the professional to the computer monitor. Prior to the advent of the world wide web gaining world wide popularity people had a habit of asking questions, seeking information, and accepting advice from real estate professionals.

Now that the transition is complete, the habit has become to skip the professional and go straight to the internet for answers. While the online community has amassed a large repertoire of good, solid facts, it also contains bad and flat out wrong information as well.

The main idea behind Understanding Real Estate: 101 is to put the source of good, reliable real estate information back into the hands of the professional where it belongs. Every article on our website was written and fact-checked by a professional in the industry and is directed towards your market.

The majority of the resources found online are bad sources of information containing opinion or conjecture that leads the reader to believe all real estate brokers and agents are liars and thieves, and only out for themselves. In short, most of the information can’t be trusted as reliable because their "facts" are either slanted in the authors direction or have some truth mixed with some falsehoods. The biggest problem with this is that if the reader doesn’t know there’s a difference in the actual facts and authors viewpoint, they’ll believe what they read is true.

We created Understanding Real Estate: 101 to give consumers a foundational source of reliable information that comes directly from a professional source. That way, when they inevitably do go online to do their research, they’ll have the facts by which to test the other information they read online. Then, if there is any confusion in what they find out, they can easily contact their agent to ask questions and get the whole truth.