Third-Party Consulting

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How many times have you wanted to tell a seller what they need to do for their house to sell but been afraid to breech certain topics? For instance, how do you tell a homeowner that clean for their family isn’t necessarily clean for buyers? How offended would they be?

Here’s how it works. Let’s say you get one of those listings where your seller knows more than you do. You try to tell them that shag carpet and paneling are big turnoffs for buyers and they may need to make some changes before the house will sell. Of course they insist you’re an idiot who doesn’t understand that in the 80’s these things were all the rage and that some buyers actually want the retro look.

Instead of continuing the argument and potentially losing the client, convince them that bringing in a consultant to get a third-party opinion is another option. Total Realty Solutions works on behalf of your broker and will give them a fair and unbiased assessment of the property. Give a brief explanation of the situation and schedule a time for us to go out to do a walk-thru and talk to your client.

We’ll make a checklist as we do the walk-thru and offer our honest opinion on the house and what will need to happen for it to sell. We’ll send both you and the homeowner a copy of the checklist so you can go over it with them. It’s that simple.

Download and print our pre-visit checklist for your sellers to get a head start. We'll give them a more thorough worksheet on our visit. In the purple box at right you'll find a list of documents you can print out and give your sellers. These documents help them get a better understanding of how a little staging will go a long way in selling their house. The information will help you emphasis the importance of common issues and when we take our walk-through, we'll reemphasis them again. Giving your seller the same information three times helps to drive home it's importance.

You can read more on this topic on our blog. There we talk about a few times in which we employed this service to help agents manage difficult situations with their clients.