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When I started TRS it was during the housing crisis in 2009. It was meant to be a way for consumers to find free information so that they would not get taken advantage of by the many disreputable people in the world. However, when people heard the word “free” they thought they were going to be taken advantage of and would ignore us all together, go figure. We did get the chance to help a couple people save their homes and that was very rewarding, so it worked out.

Today, the company has changed significantly. In 2009, working with agents was more of an afterthought; now agents are our primary focus. With the housing market stable, it makes more sense to work with the people who work with the consumer. Since our primary focus in 2009 was to help consumers succeed, if we can help agents be successful, then in effect, we're helping consumers succeed as well, mission accomplished!

Another change is to TRS is the ownership. In 2009 it was easier to be accepted as an authority in the housing market when we actually had someone with that kind knowledge on our team. Our management team used to consist of one Realtor and one artist. Since we no longer need the authority figure, our Realtor has moved on to the bigger and brighter adventures of owning his own brokerage. Meanwhile, as the artist, I’ve had to change the focus of TRS to a direction that suits my talents. So, today, Total Realty Solutions is all about helping agents sell more houses through, primarily, artistic means.

Using photography, video, and websites, we can help agents save money while selling more houses with TRS. But, these three artistic disciplines don’t end with what you see on our site. We have a few things planned for this coming year. In 2016 we’re looking to add the use of drones to our video department. New FCC rules and regulations have put restrictions on the amateur use of drones which will make it harder for agents to create their own drone video tours. As a videographer, I’ll be able make use of the technology to produce tours for you.

In addition we're very excited about our latest product Understanding Real Estate: 101. It puts the source of reliable information back into the hands of the professional where it belongs. Check out it's pages for all the details.